Monday, August 24, 2009

Mum is the word

So I've been pretty quiet these days. Sorry!

Anyway, an update :-) This summer after our BWCA trip I decided that I would scope out possible teaching jobs to either supplement or replace my current location. I started writing applications in mid July, and continued to apply many places throughout August. Last Wednesday I was called for an interview that happened today. I met with two principals and two music teachers at 8:30 this morning and gave what I thought was a great interview! But then I had to wait. And wait.. And wait... And wait....

Until 8:00 PM! The principal who originally contacted me called and offered me the job! So I will now be an Elementary Band Director!

I'm sad to have to leave my current school. I will miss the staff, students, and parents a great deal. But I'm very excited to start this new adventure :-)

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